PRR FM Class Flatcar Decals
This set was produced to fill a gap in PRR decals which have never been done prior to this set.

The PRR's FM Class Flatcars were built in Altoona from 1902 to 1913 and were the workhorses of the PRR's flatcar fleet
until the 1930's with the creation of the F30 Class. These cars lasted in great numbers drought he 1950's, when the number
of cars in revenue service dropped to 364 with only 3 remaining by 1968. The majority of these cars were transferred to
MOW service as they aged.

This sheet includes enough decals to decal 6 FM Class Flatcars with the correct build dates for each number. There are 8
different re-weigh/repack dates. Also, the number jumble contains one complete additional number and has been
constructed to ease in making additional numbers.

The FM Class Flatcar has been produced in HO brass by Railworks, LTD, and in resin by Sunshine Models and Funaro &
Shown below are prototype photos, model photos, and the decal artwork.
PRR FM Class Flatcar Decals
Stock #HO-FM
Release Date: 2/2010
Price: $10.00
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A thank you for assistance in producing this decal set goes to some good friends, whom without thier constant push for
near prototype perfection this set wouldn't have been what it is. For references in regard to the PRR's FM Flatcar fleet
please consult  the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society's publication
Pennsylvania Railroad Flat Cars,
Revenue & Work Equipment, 1881-1968
, by Elden Gatwood and Al Buchan.