PRR Safety First Turntable Lettering
Lettering applied to a Walthers 130' turntable.
PRR Safety First Turntable Lettering
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Release Date: August, 2011
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This set was produced to introduce an accurately correct set for these classes, which hadn't been done by previous

The PRR was always a safety conscious railroad, and liked to constantly remind employees to be vigilant in their work. As
part of this campaign, it lettered it’s turntables at various servicing points across the system with “Safety First” spelled out
along each side of the turntable. Its unknown how long turntables had this slogan applied, however one would guess that as
time took its toll on the bridge, and naturally weathered it, the lettering would have been repainted, at least during the PRR

This lettering was evenly spaced on the flanks of the turntable. The lettering provided has been designed to fit the Walthers
turntable, but can be used on most other brands where size permits.

Examples of turntables with this applied can be found through careful searching. One example is shown below.
Shown below are prototype photos, model photos, and the decal artwork.