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HO Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines Cabin Car Decals

HO Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines Cabin Car Decals


This set was produced to introduce an more comprehensive set for these classes.

In 1931 the State of New Jersey determined that the West Jersey and Seashore Railroad (PRR) and the Atlantic City Railroad (RDG), to merge into one company. In 1932 the Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines was formed with the PRR having a two-thirds ownership stake compared to the reading’s one-third stake. In addition to passenger service to the beaches of southern New Jersey, the PRSL also moved freight along those lines too. One of the quintessential cars of any freight train was a caboose. The PRSL inherited 24 cabin cars from the WJ&S. These were 21 of the PRR’s wood ND 2-axle bobber type and 3 of the PRR’s N5 all-steel design. All of the ND’s were retired from service due to age by 1950, with the PRR adding 18 N5’s to the PRSL Cabin Car fleet. In 1969 the PRSL acquired 3 of the transfer type N11 design built by the Penn Central’s Ex-NYC Despatch Shops. While the parents companies of the PRSL floundered and fell into bankruptcy, the PRSL managed to maintain a profit, although in 1976 it was absorbed into Conrail. All remaining cabin cars were absorbed into the Conrail fleet.

This sheet includes enough lettering for the ND, N5 and N11 classes throughout their career on the PRSL. There is data, depending on era modeled for at least 4 cars, As follows: 2 ND, 2-4 N5, 2 N5 in the 1960’s scheme and 2 N11. Both styles of the PRSL logo have been included as they were both used. Lube Stenciling for N5’s and N11 as well as N11 end striping is included.  Additional numbering prefixes have been included for numbering any car within the fleet.

Painting instructions for the cabin car fleet in this scheme. The entire car, including underbody is to be painted in Freight Car Color. The roofs became a grimy colored black, as they were tarred to prevent leaks. Handrails were painted chrome yellow after January, 1949. The N11 was painted FCC including the trucks.

The ND and N5 have both been imported in brass, additionally the ND is available as a resin kit by F&C and the N5 has been done in plastic by Bowser. The N11 has yet to be manufactured in any form in HO.

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