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HO Penn Central PC-Green Painted Baggage, RPO, and Coaches Passenger Car Decals

HO Penn Central PC-Green Painted Baggage, RPO, and Coaches Passenger Car Decals


This set was produced to introduce a more comprehensive set for these classes, which
hadn't been done by previous manufacturers.

Once Penn Central settled upon a scheme for its passenger cars fleet, a large portion of the fleet was repainted so that it could have a sense of uniformity, which also conveyed stability to a public wary of the merger. This meant that all passenger cars, from the baggage cars to the mail-handling RPO’s, and coaches were all uniformly painted into Penn Central Green with white lettering. However, there were subtle differences dep ending on which shop painted these cars.

This decal sheet has enough data to letter four cars in this scheme. Accurate lettering and numerals for these schemes were duplicated from photographic resources. The white keystone included in this set are to simulate the bleached/faded Scotchlite Keystones on Tuscan Red painted passenger equipment. The NJDOT logo is for commuter service cars. See pictures for specific examples.

Painting instructions for the passenger car fleet in this scheme is as follows. The car body is to be painted Penn Central Green, the roof, underbody and trucks are to be painted black. The roofs became a grimy colored black, as they were tarred to prevent leaks.

For a photo references for these Passenger Cars please consult the Penn Central Color Guide, published by Morning Sun Books and additional photos found online.

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