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HO Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines Passenger Car Decals

HO Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines Passenger Car Decals


This set was produced to introduce an more comprehensive set for these classes.

In 1931 the State of New Jersey determined that the West Jersey and Seashore Railroad (PRR) and the Atlantic City Railroad (RDG), to merge into one company. In 1932 the Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines was formed with the PRR having a two-thirds ownership stake compared to the reading’s one-third stake.

One of the primary functions of the PRSL was passenger service to the beaches of southern New Jersey, and commuter trains to Philadelphia for people living in southern New Jersey. This meant the PRSL had a large fleet of passenger equipment including baggage cars, combines and coaches. Additionally, the PRSL operated various doodlebugs throughout its existence.

This decal sheet includes enough data for doing 2 pieces of PRSL passenger equipment and 1 PRR P70 coach, 1046, which was specially equipped for local service on the Pemberton Local, having zebra stripes, headlight and horn on one end of the car. Initially the stripes only extended partly up the ends, then in later the stripes were changed to extend along the entire height of the end of the car. Also included are both versions of the PRSL logo. The data on this sheet covers the cars from their dulux gold lettering scheme of 1952 till the early 1960’s for the baggage cars and combines (retirement from service), with the coaches lasting in service until the mid-1970’s for the remaining passenger equipment when the PRSL RDC’s took
control of all remaining passenger rail service for PRSL.

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