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HO Western Maryland 2-Bay "Fast Freight" Hopper Decals

HO Western Maryland 2-Bay "Fast Freight" Hopper Decals


This set was produced to fill a gap in WM decals which have never been done prior to this set.

The Western Maryland’s biggest revenue traffic on the line was coal, so they had lots of hoppers throughout their lifetime. The majority of their hopper fleet through 1963 were 2-bay cars. The majority of which was U-channel ribbed design with a straight side sill, and a fishbelly sidesill design. The U-Channel cars were built 1937 to 1935 in series 16500-21179. As the U-Channel cars aged, they were phased out of service in favor of the fishbelly style cars. Fishbelly cars were numbered within the series from 10000-21999. Please consult photographs for specific examples.

This sheet has data to do both car styles. The round WM logo with the “Fast Freight” slogan was first used in 1937 and remained in use until the “Speed” style lettering was adopted in March, 1952.  This sheet does 3 cars total with enough data to do two each of the fishbelly and U-Channel type cars. Please reference photos for specifics.

This product is licensed by CSX.

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