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HO Supplee Milk Car Decals

HO Supplee Milk Car Decals


Thank you for buying this decal sheet. This set was produced to introduce a more comprehensive set for these classes, which hadn't been done by previous manufacturers.

The Supplee-Wills-Jones Company operated multiple facilities along the PRR System in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware or along railroads that interchanged with the PRR. These Milk Tank Cars, although looking externally like reefers, actually contained two glass-lined tanks which were handled as an express car on train due to the timelines of transporting whole milk to creameries where it could be processed into various dairy products. In 1954 the PRR outlawed hauling milk by long-haul rail and these cars were permanently removed from service.

This set has enough data to do 1 milk reefer. Various data options are given including capacity and build dates. The prototype “Supplee Milk” lettering was raised off the side of the car using an approximately 2” thick piece of metal. This effect can be similarly achieved using styrene if desired. Included is a template for making the backing pieces yourself. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee printing alignment by Microscale so a separated version of the lettering has been included when that occurs (Red on top of White).

The model specific prototype for Supplee Milk cars 4 through 9 have been produced by Athearn as their 40’ Pflauder Milk Car. Cars 1 through 3 were similar in dimension and weight, but had a peaked roof and exposed side sills. They can be built by modifying the Athearn car.

For painting instructions, the roof and trucks are painted black, the car body and underframe are painted dark green.

There are currently no existing definitive articles on the Supplee Milk Car fleet, however there are some pictures available in various publications.

Many thanks are extended to Matthew Hurst for his assistance in the creation of this decal set.

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