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HO B&O I-12 Caboose Red Scheme (1941-1964) Decals

HO B&O I-12 Caboose Red Scheme (1941-1964) Decals


After successful experimentation of the wagon top caboose design as applied to the I-5a/b classes 
the B&O was gearing up to mass produce the design. So, in 1941 100 I-12 wagon top cabooses were 
built at the B&O’s Keyser shops. These were numbered C-2400 to C-2499. These served faithfully 
during the years of heavy WW2 traffic, and in 1945 an additional 25 were built at the Keyser shops, C-
2800 to C-2824.

Diagrams showing each paint scheme worn by the Devils Red painted I-12’s are shown. For 
painting, the car body should be painted Devils Red, the trucks and underbody equipment are black. 
The I-12 lasted in its red schemes until 1965, as they were shopped when they were repainted 
Enchantment Blue for the Pool Service schemes.

This set contains enough data to do one caboose in one particular paint scheme. However, data for 
all 7 different “red” schemes is included. Various repack and reweigh locations are given for across 
the B&O system.

The best currently available version of this car is the plastic undecorated kit produced by Spring 
Mills Depot, additionally the car has been done as a resin kit and imported in brass.

Detailed instructions for decaling can be found in any standard set given by major manufacturers 
supplied with their product, such as Microscale.

For further references in regard to the B&O I-12 caboose fleet can be found in the Cabooses of 
the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, by Robert Hubler; published by the BORRHS.

A big thank you for assistance in creating this set goes to Bill Carl and Ken Braden of Spring Mills 
Depot, whom allowed the decal artwork to be directly created from their production artwork.

This decal set is a CSX Licensed Product.

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