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HO B&O N34 Covered Hopper Decals Early (pre-1953)

HO B&O N34 Covered Hopper Decals Early (pre-1953)


This set was produced to introduce an more comprehensive set for these classes.

The B&O created a “wagontop” fleet of cars to increase capacity in its various freight cars. The N-34 2-bay covered hopper cars were built in two batches of 100 cars each. In April 1940 630400-630499 were built and in June 1940 630300-630399 were built. These cars lasted in revenue service into the early-1970’s.

These cars for their entire service life were painted light grey, with black lettering. Please see the included photos showing the various schemes carried by these cars, which would be appropriate for your era.

There are two different sets, which provide lettering for the entire service life of the car. The Early set covers the pre-1953 schemes and does 2 cars. The Late set covers the post-1953 schemes and does 4 cars. Various repack and reweigh locations are given for across the B&O system.

This car has been imported in brass by Overland Models, Inc. and produced as a resin kit by F&C.

This product is licensed by CSX.

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