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HO Chessie System Moonshine Hopper Decals

HO Chessie System Moonshine Hopper Decals



By the late 1970’s, the combined Chessie System started to have hoppers that were over 40 years old still providing service. Althoughs till usable, they were restricted from interchange. So, to make sure that tehse cars stayed online they were sent to the C&O Raceland Shops and recycled into usable hoppers, but very clearly marked with yellow ends and three large yellow “X’s”, denoting tha they were for on-line service only. Deu to this, they received modern stenciling including wheel dots and lube stencils, but no ACI labels. The initial C&O series for these cars was 124000-128999, but later included  32X, 318, 118 and 12X series between the B&O and C&O. Due to these being recycled and marked for service, not all were repainted, so some versions had remains of B&O logos or C&O logos on them. Other did get the Chessie “C” logo and a full repaint. Please see specific photos for examples.

These cars were generally painted entirely black with yellow painted on the side of the car at the slope sheets and on the ends, with end lettering receiving black patches with white lettering.

This sheet includes enough decals to decal two cars. Various repack and reweigh locations are given for across the Chessie system. All known configurations can be completed from the data included in this set.

This 8-panel 2-bay hopper car has been produced in plastic by Trains-Miniature/Walthers.

Detailed instructions for decaling can be found in any standard set given by major manufacturers supplied with their product, such as Microscale.

For further references in regard to Chessie Moonshine Hopper fleet please consult the B&O Color Guide by morning Sun Books and online photo sources.

This decal set is a CSX Licensed Product.

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