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HO Chessie System Western Maryland Well Hole Flatcar Decals

HO Chessie System Western Maryland Well Hole Flatcar Decals


In November 1953 General Steel Car Company built two well hole flatcars for the Western Maryland railroad. These were used for shipping products made by on-line manufacturers to customers requiring larger capacity freight cars to meet their needs. As-delivered the cars were painted in the Western Maryland Speed Lettering Scheme, eventually after the Chessie takeover the cars were weathered enough that the Elkins Shops repainted the two cars into a Chessie scheme with a black body and trucks with yellow lettering. The two cars were numbered WM 6010 and WM 6011. Pictures show that 6011 was repainted into Chessie paint before eventually being retired by CSX and donated to the B&O Museum in Baltimore, where it was repainted into its as-built scheme. WM 6010 was eventually scrapped by CSX.

This sheet has enough data to do 1 car, with provisions to accurately letter each of the two cars based on photos of 6011 in  the Chessie scheme. The WM Well Hole Flatcar has been produced as a 3D printed kit by Plate C Model Prototypes.

A thank you for assistance in creating this set is extended to Adam Chilcote, owner of Plate C Model Prototypes for providing side profiles of his 3D printed car kits to make lettering diagrams easier to create.

This decal set is a CSX Licensed Product.

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