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HO Penn Central Ex-PRR 65' Mill Gondola Decals

HO Penn Central Ex-PRR 65' Mill Gondola Decals


This set was produced to introduce a more comprehensive set for these classes, which hadn't been done by previous manufacturers.

In 1968 when Penn Central was crated, the biggest task was the assimilation of the predecessor fleets into a single roster. One of the more notable cars in that fleet was the 65 foot mill gondolas. At its peak the PRR 65’ gondola roster numbered over 3,400, however by 1975 it dwindled to only over 300. Though, due to the nature of what they were designed to carry, they were still a popular car within the fleet.

The G26 was the genesis of the PRR mill gondola fleet, being a 65 foot drop-end mill gondola. This followed by a duplication of the class, with minor changes, the G26a. The G26c was a rebuild of G26 and G26a cars. The G33 class cars were built following the success of the G26, however they were welded cars instead of riveted. The G33 and G33b classes had drop ends, but the G33a had fixed ends. The G37 continued the tradition of 65 foot gondolas, but were completed using riveted construction, like the G26 classes. The G37 also had fixed ends. All of these cars lasted into Conrail, with the most prevalent being the G37.

This sheet has enough data to do 2 cars, with 2 G26 class cars and then class data for one each of the G26a, G26c, G33, G33a, G33b and G37. There are five different reweigh dates. By the PC era, most cars repainted and received major shopping at the Ex-PRR Sam Rea Shops in Holidaysburg, PA. Appropriate COTS Stencils and wheel inspection dots have also been included. For those wishing to apply ACI Bar Code Plates, we recommend using the Microscale Products Minical MC-4280.

The G26 has been produced in plastic kit form by Eastern Car Works, and its predecessor, E&B Valley. These kits can still be regularly found on Ebay. Additionally, F&C is working on bringing out a resin kit of the G26 and G26a. Of the other classes, to date none have been done in either kit or RTR form.

For painting instructions any of these gondolas, the car body should be Penn Central green. The trucks are to be painted black.

For references in regard to the Ex-PRR's Gondola fleet please consult Pennsylvania Railroad Gondolas, Revenue & Work Equipment, 1869 to 1968 by Al Buchan and Elden Gatwood published by the PRRT&HS. Also, for pictures of the cars in PC paint the PC Color Guide published by Morning Sun Books. Articles on modeling the G26 and G33 classes can be found by searching the index of The Keystone Modeler, internet e-zine published by the PRRTHS at their website,


Artwork is shown in black for clarification purposes. Actual decals are white for applying to a green colored car.

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