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HO Penn Central Ex-PRR Dulux-lettered Passenger Car Decals

HO Penn Central Ex-PRR Dulux-lettered Passenger Car Decals


This set was produced to introduce a more comprehensive set for these classes, which
hadn't been done by previous manufacturers.

Upon the creation of Penn Central in February 1968, the vast majority of its merged passenger fleet would either be retired, repainted or temporarily re-lettered in anticipation of its retirement due to age. While some former PRR sleeping cars did get repainted into PC green with white lettering, some retained their original Tuscan Red, and had dulux-yellow colored PC worm logos and numbers applied to them. This scheme was short lived however, since most of the cars in this scheme were removed from service by the end of 1971.

This decal sheet has enough data to letter one car in this unique lettering style. Every known sleeping car to be lettered in this scheme is included. Additionally, PC P85ba 3700, Ex-PRR Coach P85ba is included as well.

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