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HO Penn Central PP&L Cabin Car Decals

HO Penn Central PP&L Cabin Car Decals


This set was produced to introduce an more comprehensive set for these classes.

In 1972 Penn Central painted 4 cabooses in a special scheme for an assigned service. They were to be the cabooses used on the Pennsylvania Power and Light unit trains. They were all former PRR N5c cabin cars. Selected randomly from the roster, the cabooses were 23065, 23070, 23091 and 23120. These cabooses were painted brown with dulux yellow colored lettering. When Conrail took over operation of Penn Central, the cabooses retained their assignment as cabooses for PP&L unit trains and brown paint, but were lettered in white.

This sheet has enough data to do 1 caboose. Unfortunately, this set does not include ACI barcode plates, although they can be obtained using Microscale MC-4280.

The N5c caboose has been produced in brass by various importers, although mainly in the PRR version with the roofwalk and associated hardware still attached. The best available model for doing this car, minus the roofwalk would be to use the Bowser plastic kit. Additionally, Atlas makes the correct Roller Bearing Bettendorf-style cabooses trucks which with some minor modifications can fit to match the bolsters on the kit.

For a photo references for the Penn Central PP&L assigned cabooses please consult the Penn Central Color Guide, Page 109. Also, limited picture selection can be found of these cabooses online.

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