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HO Pennsylvania Futura/Kabel Passenger Lettering & Striping Decals 1938-1941

HO Pennsylvania Futura/Kabel Passenger Lettering & Striping Decals 1938-1941


This set is being sold as a cooperative partnership between Pioneer Models and Mount Vernon Shops.

Under the influence of Raymond Loewy following the application of his streamlined casing design for K4s 3678, the PRR ordered lightweight streamlined passenger cars for all of its “name” trains, this new roster of cars was branded as the “Fleet of Modernism”. The PRR had Raymond Loewy design the paint scheme to be applied to these cars and it was identified by the PRR as Two-Toned Streamlined Paint (TTSP). As part of this streamlined scheme, a futuristic lettering style was designed and applied to the passenger fleet of the PRR. The PRR referred to this lettering style as “Futura”, The Pullman Company called it “Kabel”.

This decal set replicates the Futura Lettering style as it appeared when it was introduced in March 1938 through to its replacement in July 1941 with Block lettering, and Modified Block lettering in early 1942. There is enough lettering in this set for lettering 3 cars in the shorter “Pennsylvania” letterboard, 3 in the longer “Pennsylvania” letterboard, and 3 with the “Pullman” letterboard. Also included are specific lettering for all the varied types of passenger equipment. Lettering diagrams show the TTSP Scheme as being made obsolete on August 5, 1947.

There are two different items available for purchase via this page.

HO-PPFL is just the sheet of Lettering for $10.

HO-PPFS is the windowband striping AND the lettering sheet for $18.

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