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N PRR E44 & E44a Motor Decals

N PRR E44 & E44a Motor Decals


This set was produced to introduce a more comprehensive set for these classes, which hadn't been done by previous manufacturers.

The E44 motors were built starting in 1960 as a more modern replacement of the P5 freight motors which had been in service for nearly 30 years.  The original E44 motor class was equipped with liquid cooled ignition rectifiers, in 1962 GE developed silicon diode rectifiers, and the last 6 on the order, 4460-4465 were equipped from GE as such, giving them subclass E44a. Later, original E44’s would be retrofitted with the new rectifiers. The entire fleet of 66 motors lasted through the end of PRR into PC, and most survived to serve Conrail, Amtrak and New Jersey Transit.

This sheet has enough data to do 1 motor. The prefix numbers have been done in one piece allowing you to pick which number you want. The E44 motors, as delivered had a Shadow Keystone monogram applied to them, however it isn’t clear through research what color the shadow on the keystone was. It has been speculated that is was a chocolate brown color. However it’s also been speculated as being white or aluminum in color. Finally, most pictures also show that there was no shadow at all, or it could have been obliterated by road grime on the motor. So, three different monograms have been included for you to apply to your E44.

In N it has been produced in plastic through Shapeways.

For painting this motor, the entire body including the frame is the be painted Dark Green Locomotive Enamel. Everything below the frame is to be painted black.

Unfortunately, at this time there is no definitive article on the PRR’s E44 Motors. However, pictures can be found in numerous publications.

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