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HO Conrail 2-Axle Scale Test Car Decals

HO Conrail 2-Axle Scale Test Car Decals


The Conrail Scale Test Car fleet was assembled from the roster of its predecessor roads. Included is a roster of most of the scale test cars giving Conrail number, predecessor number, weight and assignment while on Conrail. The majority of these cars also have photos of them available.

The scale test car is available in brass, a limited run cast metal kit from Stewart Products, or in plastic from Walthers.

This sheet includes enough decals to decal two cars, with one each in the different schemes. There is also prefix numbers included for doing creating your own car number in either of the two variations. Lettering was minimal and varied little. However, see photos for proper placement.

For painting of the scale test cars, the body and journals are to be painted black, the steps, grabs and railings are painted white.

Detailed instructions for decaling can be found in any standard set given by major manufacturers supplied with their product, such as Microscale.

For further references in regard to Conrail’s scale car fleet, please consult the Conrail Color Guide, published by Morning Sun Books and the Fallen Flags as well as RRPicture Archives websites.

Decal artwork is shown in black for clarity. Actual decal is white to be applied to a black colored car.

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