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HO Conrail Caboose Decals

HO Conrail Caboose Decals


After the creation of Conrail on April 1, 1976 the railroad faced a huge logistical task of re-numbering, re-classing, and re-painting the caboose fleet. However, once they started doing that, a unified look started to come to the fleet of cabooses from railroads of different colors.

This decal set was created to cover every class of caboose, acquired and painted blue by Conrail. The table on the right shows every caboose class that ever existed, its number series prefixes and the best available option for owning one in HO, as of March 2012. The primary source of the list was Tom Wolfgang’s Conrail Caboose site and also the site of the Conrail Historical Society,

There are seven complete caboose numbers on this set, plus prefixes for any other car numbers. The numbers given correspond to the following classes: 18879 N4B, 22892 N5B, 23018 N5C, 18681 N5G, 18040 N6A, 21654 N7/N7A, 21165 N7E.

For further references in regard to Conrail Cabooses, please review any pictures in the Conrail Color Guide, and the websites listed above.

Decal artwork is illustrated for clarification of what included. All artwork shown as black is actually printed in white.

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