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HO PRR Circle Keystone Covered Hopper Decals

HO PRR Circle Keystone Covered Hopper Decals


This set was produced to introduce an more comprehensive set for these classes.

In 1931 the PRR created as an experiment the GLe class covered hopper as a more efficient way of transporting bulk powdered goods. After successful tests concluded, the result was a total of 250 of these cars being built by 1932. 1935 started construction of the H30 class, which had a capacity of 70 tons. Success of this design resulted in 6 orders being placed for these cars, the last of which was delayed by WW2, and when finally constructed, with some minor modifications became class H30a.

Finding that some lighter commodities quickly filled the maximum load limit of the car before reaching full capacity, the H32 class was constructed in 1948. Months after completion of the H30a’s, which was done after the H32’s, the PRR started construction on the H33, which had influences from other commercial car builders in 1952 and concluded in 1953. All of these classes were used extensively across the system through to the creation of Penn Central. Some of the cars also got transferred to MOW service.

This sheet includes lettering for the above five classes of cars in their Pre-1954 scheme before they were repainted with the Shadow Keystone monogram. Included is enough data for 1 GLe, 2 H30's, 1 H30a, 1 H32 and 1 H33. The number jumble contains all 4 number prefixes (253, 254, 255 and 256), with additional jumbles to cover any number accurately seen in photos. See the diagram for proper placement. There are six different reweigh/repack dates cover locations system wide. Also, due to the large order of H30’s, there are multiple build and reweigh dates as well ranging from the mid-1930’s through to the late 1950’s. Additionally, you’ll find various warnings, as shown on lettering diagrams for the cars. While class specific, you may mix and match at your own discretion.

All of these classes have been produced by various brass importers. Also, they all have been produced in resin kits by F&C and Westerfield has done the GLe as well. Rail Shop, Inc. has recently released a plastic kit of the H30.

For references in regard to PRR's Covered Hopper Car Fleet please consult The Keystone, V15 #4 and V35 #2, published by the PRRT&HS and Volumes 1-3 of the PRR Colorguide. 

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