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HO PRR G28 & G29 Gondola Decals

HO PRR G28 & G29 Gondola Decals


This set was produced to introduce an more comprehensive set for these classes.

The G28 class of gondolas was built from October 1940 to May 1941. It was a small class of cars with a total of only 1,900 built in series 342600-344499. These were built to what was known by the 1940’s as the “standard-length” of 52-6”, with a 70 ton load capacity.

The G29 class of gondolas did not duplicate the dimensions of the G28, instead it was similar to earlier constructed Gondolas with an interior length of 46 feet instead of 52’-6”. 2,000 were built from May to December 1941. The series was 357854-359854.

Both the G28 and G29 classes did last past 1968 into the Penn Central era.

This sheet has enough data to do 4 cars, with 2 G28 class cars and 2 G29 class cars. There are six different reweigh/repack dates cover locations system wide and multiple re-weigh dates ranging from the mid-1930’s through to the late 1950’s.

The G28 and G29 have been produced in resin by F&C. For painting instructions any of these gondolas in the Circle Keystone Monogram scheme (pre-1954), the entire car including underbody and trucks is to be painted in Freight Car Color.

For references in regard to the PRR's Gondola fleet please consult Pennsylvania Railroad Gondolas, Revenue & Work Equipment, 1869 to 1968 by Al Buchan and Elden Gatwood, and The Keystone, Vol 8 No. 2 both published by the PRRT&HS. and Volumes 1-3 of the PRR Color Guide.

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