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HO PRR GPa MOW Ballast Hopper Decals

HO PRR GPa MOW Ballast Hopper Decals


This set was produced to introduce a more comprehensive set for these classes, which hadn't been done by previous manufacturers.

In 1902 the PRR created the first steel hopper car designed for hauling coke, the GP. Since coke is a light weight commodity, the GP were high-sided 50 ton capacity cars. PSC built 500 GP from May to June of 1903. 700 GPa class was built by Cambria from May and September of 1905. The GPa was a low-sided car. By the mid-1920’s there was a downturn in coke traffic so the PRR converted the cars for MOW ballast and cinder service. In 1942 the extended sides of the GP class were cut down to match the height of the GPA since the extra height was useless and the steel could contribute to the war effort. Following that conversion the only notable difference between a GP and GPa was that the GP side doors each had 4 hinges, whereas the GPa had 3. These cars lasted in MOW service from 1936 in great numbers to diminishing below 200 cars in 1959. These cars were replaced by the H21L.

The PRR’s GP and GPa class fell into the following MOW number blocks: GP 494200-494588, GPa 494589-494753, and GP/GPa 488870-489450.

This sheet has enough data to do 3 cars, with four complete numbers being given and then prefixes for the series with a number jumble pre-spaced for the side panels. There are six different reweigh locations system wide and multiple re-weigh dates ranging from the beginning of the car being painted for MOW service through to 1959.

The GPa has been done in resin kit form by Funaro & Camerlengo. The GP hasn’t been done in any form, although it could be done by kitbashing the GPa kit by making the side doors have 4 instead of 3 hinges.

For references in regard to the PRR's GPa Hopper Car fleet please consult Pennsylvania Railroad Steel Open Hopper Cars by John Teichmoeller, Pennsylvania Railroad Gondolas, Revenue & Work Equipment, 1869 to 1968 by Al Buchan and Elden Gatwood and Volumes 1-3 of the PRR Color Guide.

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