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HO PRR K7/K7a/K8 Stockcar Decals

HO PRR K7/K7a/K8 Stockcar Decals


This set was produced to introduce an more comprehensive set for these classes.

The K7 was originally constructed by PRR subsidiary Vandalia in 1913. It was based on the X23 steel-exterior braced boxcar design. 25 K7 were built, which later became absorbed by the PRR. Following the success of this design, the PRR rebuilt the vast majority of its X24 automobile boxcar fleet into K7a stockcars from 1934 to 1939. A total of just over 1,400 K7a’s were
built during this time. In 1924 the Altoona Works constructed 1,000 K8 stockcars to a slightly modified design compared to the K7/7a. In total, this gave the PRR a fleet of nearly 2500 stockcars until they started to be retired, with the K7 virtually disappearing in 1952 while the remaining K7a/K8 soldiered on until the late-1950’s when they were replaced with the K9 and
K11 designs.

This set has enough data to do 3 cars total, 1 K7 or K7a and 2 K8. Scale Codes for Harrisburg (P48), Altoona (P57), Scully (P251), Chicago (P455), Terre Haute, IN (P708), and East St. Louis (P722) have been included with multiple dates ranging from 1929 through to the mid-1950’s.

The K7 has not been done in HO, while the K7a has been done in brass by PSC and in plastic by Broadway Limited. The K8 is available as a resin kit by F&C.  

For painting instructions, in the Circle Keystone Monogram scheme (pre-1954) the entire car, including underbody is to be painted in Freight Car Color.

For references in regard to the PRR's K7/K7a/K8 fleet please consult The Keystone, Volume 26, No. 3; the Railway Prototype Cyclopedia, Vol. 15 and The Postwar Freight Car Fleet by Larry Kline and Ted Culotta, published by the NMRA.

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