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HO PRR X28 & X28a Boxcar Decals

HO PRR X28 & X28a Boxcar Decals


This set was produced to introduce an more comprehensive set for these classes.

The PRR’s X28 boxcar was developed from a combination of the evolution of lessons learned with the X25 fleet and the ARA mandate for standardized single-sheathed 50 ton boxcars. The X28 was an automobile version of the ARA boxcar, although based on a PRR design.  The first 1,000 cars of the 5,000 car fleet were equipped with corrugated Youngstown doors, with the remaining 4,000 equipped with three-panel car builder doors. The X28 fleet was built during 1924 and 1926. Following development of the X31 “wagontop” boxcar in 1933 by the PRR, the X28 Automobile version was deemed obsolete and a rebuild program from 7/1933 to 7/1935 removed the double door configuration down to only a single door creating the X28a. Nearly the entire X28 fleet was converted to the X28a class. By 1955, 3,500 X28a remained and by 1968, only 8 were still on the roster.

This sheet includes enough data for 3 cars. Data is included for 1 X28 and 3 X28a.  Scale Codes for Enola (P50), Altoona (P57), Northumberland (P129), Fort Wayne, IN (P441), Terre Haute, IN(P712), and Buffalo, NY (P283)  have been included. There are 5 pre-arranged and accurate car numbers, with provisions for making different additional numbers. See the diagram for proper placement. Also, X28a 124594 is confirmed in a 6/17/1952 train report as being converted to narrow-gauge trucks for interchange on the East Broad Top at Mount Union. (Of course it was later converted back.)

The X28 has been produced by in brass by various importers. The X28a in all of its correct door/brake configurations has been produced in resin by F&C and Sunshine.

For painting instructions, in the Circle Keystone Monogram scheme (pre-1954) the entire car including the underbody is to be painted in Freight Car Color, and trucks are to be painted black.

There is a very definitive article covering the rebuilt PRR X28 fleet in Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Vol. 24, pgs. 1-64, by Pat Wilder, additional photos can be found in Volumes 1-3 of the PRR Color Guide.

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