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HO PRR X29b & X29d Boxcar Decals

HO PRR X29b & X29d Boxcar Decals


This set was produced to introduce an more comprehensive set for these classes.

The PRR’s X29 fleet of nearly 29,000 cars performed greatly during the pressures of WW2, however due to this intense amount of service a good portion of the fleet was in dire need of rebuilding. Following the successful rebuild program of X26’s into X26c’s the PRR started a similar program in 1948 for X29’s, which resulted in the X29b, X29d, X29e, X29f and X29g subclasses. The rebuild was performed at both the PRR’s shops in East Altoona and Terre Haute, Indiana. The rebuilt X29’s were enlarged with only the frame, underbody equipment and trucks remaining original to the car. The X29b’s had a 7 foot Youngstown postwar door applied to them while the X29d’s had a 8 foot Youngstown postwar door. This set specifically covers the X29b’s and X29d’s that would have had the Circle Keystone monogram scheme applied to them. Additional X29d's were built, but due to the year would have had the Shadow Keystone monogram applied fresh from the shops.

Included is a spreadsheet showing the X29b and X29d’s that would have been painted in the Circle Keystone scheme. Please note that 10 X29b were used in captive service for transport of Rayon Beams originating from Buffalo, NY. The X29b and X29d boxcars in the circle keystone scheme lasted into Penn Central.

This sheet includes enough data for 4 cars. Data is included for 4 X29b and 1 X29d.  Scale Codes for Enola (P50), Altoona (P57), Fort Wayne, IN (P441), Terre Haute, IN(P712), and Buffalo, NY (P283)  have been included. There are 4 pre-arranged and accurate car numbers, with provisions for making different additional numbers. See the diagram for proper placement. Also included is a listing of the 199 X29b’s that were painted in the “Merchandise Service” so if you intend to pick your own number you don’t incorrectly pick a car that was in that scheme.

The X29b has been produced by Sunshine Models and F&C in resin kit form. The X29d has been produced by F&C and Wright Trak Models in resin kit form.

There is a very definitive article covering the rebuilt PRR X29 fleet in Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Vol. 26, pgs. 51-85, by Pat Wilder, additional photos can be found in Volumes 1-3 of the PRR Color Guide.

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