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HO Cambria & Indiana 2-Bay Offset Side Hopper Decals

HO Cambria & Indiana 2-Bay Offset Side Hopper Decals


This set was produced to introduce an more comprehensive set for these classes.

The Cambria & Indiana Railroad was started in 1904 with the sole purpose of transporting coal. It intercharged traffic with both the PRR and NYC. In 1950 the Bethlehem Steel Company obtained majority control of the C&I. Which made it unique in that it was the only railroad owned by the BSCO that was an on-site steel mill railroad. Although C&I hoppers could be found in dedicated blocks moving coal to BSCO steel plants, C&I hoppers also moved throughout the country, with its mined coal noted for its efficient chemical composition.

This decal sheet covers the 2-bay offset side hoppers which were owned by the C&I and built in two distinct batches. Three in the late-1930’s, which were constructed to the AAR Alternate Standard Design. Then an additional three all built by BSCO to the AAR Standard Design. The ACF cars built in 1936 and 1937 had an equipment trust with them, as the C&I needed assistance in their financing. Once this entire fleet was completed, they rostered a fleet of 1900 2-bay offset side hoppers. Some of these cars lasted into the early 1980’s before being replaced.

This set has enough data to do 3 cars total. Various data options are given including trust stencils, builders stencils, and wrought steel wheels data. Various scale code dates have been given through to the late 1960’s.

The AAR Standard 2-Bay Offset Side hopper has been produced by numerous manufacturers in plastic. Intermountain recently released RTR versions of the AAR Alternate 2-Bay Offset Side hopper.

There are currently no existing definitive articles on the C&I fleet, however the hopper design itself has been published in various issues if the Railway Prototype Cyclopedia.

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