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HO PRR Cabin Car Decals (Pre-Shadow Keystone Scheme)

HO PRR Cabin Car Decals (Pre-Shadow Keystone Scheme)


This set was produced to introduce an more comprehensive set for these classes, which hadn't been done by previous manufacturers.
In 1903 the PRR made a major design change in their cabin car fleet by introducing the ND, which had a steel underframe. 

This class was larger and stronger than all previously made Cabin Cars. In 1916, a few of these ND's received a redesigned underframe allowing for the installing of two four-wheel trucks, creating the NDa class. In 1914 the N6a and N6b classes were introduced. All four of these classes were used extensively across the system through the mid-1950's, when due to age; some of the cars got transferred to MOW service or were scrapped.

In 1914 the PRR produced the world’s first steel cabin car by introducing the N5. Modifications of existing N5’s created the N5a, N5d, N5e and N5f cabin cars. In 1941, the PRR built new N5b class cabin cars, with improved safety features including collision posts. In 1942, the PRR introduced the N5c. The last major design of PRR cabin cars to be built was the N8 class introduced in 1950. All of these classes were used extensively across the system through to the end of the PRR.

This sheet includes enough lettering for the above classes of cars in their Pre-1954 scheme before they were repainted
with the Shadow Keystone monogram. The sheet includes enough data for 4 ND's, 2 NDa's, 2 N6a's and 4 N6b's, 4 N5's, 1 N5A, 2 N5B's, 3 N5C's, 1 N5D, 1 N5E, 1 N5F, 3 N8’s, and 1 N5 in the REA scheme, plus data for many additional Cabin Cars. The number jumble contains all 9 number prefixes (475, 476, 478, 479, 980, 981, 982, 983, and 50), with additional jumbles to cover any number accurately seen in photos. See the diagram for proper placement. Enough data for 18 Cabin Cars!

All of the above classes have been produced by various brass importers. Additionally, all wood classes included in this set have been produced in kit form by Quality (Gloor) Craft. F&C has done a resin kit of the ND and NDa. Walthers produced a RTR version of the N6b. Bowser has produced the N5b, N5c, and N8  plastic kits, with some kitbashing required to complete the other N5 subclasses.

For references in regard to the PRR's Cabin Car  
fleet please consult Cabin Car of the Pennsylvania and Long Island Railroads, Caboose Data Book No. 2 published by N.J. International, The Keystone, V6 #4, V29#2, and V43#3, published by the PRRT&HS and Volumes 1-3 of the PRR Color Guide.

As per photos and diagrams, all classes included on this set, except for the N5e & N8 were lettered as follows: “Pennsylvania” centered between the windows, the number was centered below that, and the division/region assignment underneath that. The assigned place was changed from “Division” to “Region” in 1940.  The N8 was lettered with a spaced out “Pennsylvania”, Circle Keystone Monogram, and similarly spaced numbers, with the N5e lettered similarly.

These Cabin Cars lasted in this scheme until 1954, when the Shadow Keystone came into effect; however cars did last beyond 1954 due to being out on the road.

Painting highlights regarding the steel cabin car fleet in this scheme (pre-1954). For the all classes included on this set except for the N5e & N8 classes, the entire car, including underbody and trucks were to be painted in Freight Car Color. The roofs became a grimy colored black, as they were tarred to prevent leaks. Handrails were painted chrome yellow after January, 1949. Since the N8 was built post 1948, it had a Freight Car Color Body, black roof and black trucks.

A big thank you for the reintroduction of this combined PRR Wood and Steel decal set goes to Jerry Britton, whom provided additional resources which aided in the production of this set.

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