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HO PRR GR & GRa Gondola Decals

HO PRR GR & GRa Gondola Decals


This set was produced to introduce an more comprehensive set for these classes.

Adopted in 1902, the GR class was the built from March 1902 to 1907. This class was a short, 37’-6” 50 ton capacity composite constructed car. In total, there were 16,151 built. Over time, the class was retrofitted with improvements, mostly replacing wood parts with steel. Stake pockets were included on the cars as-built, however most had them removed after 1943 when they were deemed unnecessary. The GR class was actively retired by the thousands by the mid-1930’s.
198 remained in service by January 1953, with only a handful into the 1960’s.

The GRa was also a 50 ton capacity composite constructed car, however it was built to a length of 40’-8”. Similar in appearance to the GR, the main indentifying feature is the two wider spaced ribs in the center of the car. A total of 14,126 were built from December 1907 to 1916. GRa were rapidly retired following WW2 with few remaining past the 1950’s into the 1960’s. Similar to the GR class, GRa were converted to FGR and FGRa class flatcars respectively during WW2
for transport of the wide-tracked M4 Sherman Tank. Many of both classes survived in MOW service into Penn Central.

This sheet has enough data to do 4 cars, with 2 GR classes and 2 GRa. There are six different reweigh/repack dates cover locations system wide and multiple re-weigh dates ranging from the mid-1930’s through to the late 1950’s.

The GR and GRa Class has been produced by in resin by F&C. Additionally, Railworks imported the GR in brass, incorrectly labeled as a GRa.

For references in regard to PRR's Covered Hopper Car Fleet please consult The Keystone, V15 #4 and V35 #2, published by the PRRT&HS and Volumes 1-3 of the PRR Colorguide. 

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