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HO PRR 65' Mill Gondola Circle Keystone Decals

HO PRR 65' Mill Gondola Circle Keystone Decals


This set was produced to introduce an more comprehensive set for these classes.

In 1930 the PRR created what was its first gondola class longer than 65 feet, the G26. Which, due to its length and the associated clearances, meant it was narrower in width too. Construction of 1700 cars was split between Altoona Works, Enola Car Shop and Pitcairn Car Shop. All were completed by May 1931. They were also all numbered consecutively within a single numbering block. The G26a class of 700 cars were built starting in September 1940 to December 1940, with the balance completed in April 1942.  These cars had a side stake difference compared to the G26.  Of the G26 and G26a, many remained into Penn Central.

In 1949 a second series of mill gondolas was created under the G33 class. These were constructed using lessons learned from the G26 class cars. In total, 500 G33 were built and remained into Penn Central. The G33a was constructed in 1951 and from the all other PRR Mill Gondolas in that it had fixed, instead of drop ends. 250 were built and remained largely un-altered into Penn Central and Conrail. An additional 200 G33b were built in 1953, but these cars had drop ends again.

This sheet has enough data to do 2 cars, with 2 G26 class cars and then class data for one each of the G26a, G33, G33a and G33b. There are six different reweigh/repack dates cover locations system wide and multiple re-weigh dates ranging from the mid-1930’s through to the late 1950’s.

The G26 has been produced in plastic kit form by Eastern Car Works, and its predecessor, E&B Valley. These kits can still be regularly found on Ebay. Of the other classes, to date none have been done in either kit or RTR form.

For references in regard to the PRR's Gondola fleet please consult Pennsylvania Railroad Gondolas, Revenue & Work Equipment, 1869 to 1968 by Al Buchan and Elden Gatwood, and The Keystone, Vol 8 No. 2 both published by the PRRT&HS. and Volumes 1-3 of the PRR Color Guide.

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