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HO PRR X24 Boxcar Decals

HO PRR X24 Boxcar Decals


This set was produced to introduce an more comprehensive set for these classes.

Following on the success of the warren-truss design of the X23 boxcar the PRR had 2000 cars built 6 inches taller with double doors and A-end double doors for Automobile service designated as the X24 boxcar class from March through August 1913. While all cars were initially built with the A-end double doors, many were rebuilt removing this feature. In addition to having the panel doors replaced with a Youngstown corrugated design, a vast majority of the cars also had the original trucks replaced as well. By 1942 most of the X24 class boxcars had been converted into class K7a double-deck stockcars. All X24 boxcars were gone from the roster by 1953.

This sheet includes enough data for 1 X24. There numbers are broken up due to the side ribs which allows for configuring different car numbers based on the roster. Also included are number jumbles to create your own number. Also included are number jumbles to create your own number. Scale Codes for Enola (P50), Altoona (P57), Edge Moor, DE (P83), Northumberland (P129), Philadelphia (P165), Pitcairn (P203), Fort Wayne, IN (P440), Detroit, MI (P545) are included along with dates to cover the range of the cars from the immediate pre-circle keystone scheme and circle keystone car scheme. For painting instructions, in the Circle Keystone Monogram scheme (pre-1954) the entire car, including underbody is to be painted in Freight Car Color.

The X24 has been produced as a 3D printed kit by Zenith Model Works/3DP Train.

Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Volume 15 has the best definitive article on the X24 and its related X23-design based cars by Patrick C. Wilder.

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