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HO Western Maryland Camp Car Decals

HO Western Maryland Camp Car Decals


This set was produced to fill a gap in WM decals which have never been done prior to this set.

The WM’s Camp Cars were converted heavyweight passenger cars and former US Army Troop Sleepers and Kitchen Cars, which were for housing their MOW crews for their sleeping and eating accommodations. The US Army Troop cars have been done in both brass and plastic, with the most recent form being done by Walthers. The Heavyweight Passenger cars, including baggage cars and coaches are available as kits by Bethlehem Car Works.

This sheet includes enough decals to decal a minimum of three camp cars, though depending on placement, could do many more. Please reference photos for specifics. In addition to the camp cars, this set also includes number T-917, which was a water tender rebuilt from a steam tender and T-909, which was a MOW tank car.

This product is licensed by CSX.

For references in regard to the WM's MOW Camp Car fleet please consult the WM Color Guide, published by Morning Sun Boooks, Inc.

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