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HO Western Maryland Scale Test Car Decals

HO Western Maryland Scale Test Car Decals


This set was produced to fill a gap in WM decals which have never been done prior to this set.

The Western Maryland's Scale Test Car was a standard 80,000 lb. design, which has been made availible in Brass, from Overland and Hallmark, in addition to a limited run cast metal kit from Stewart Products and in plastic from Walthers.

This sheet includes enough decal the single car. The set includes 2 different schemes for the car with the correct lettering style for scheme. There are nine different lube dates with 3 different scale/shop locations. This will do both the "Fast Freight" and "Speed" schemes.

This product is licensed by CSX.

for further references in regard to the WM's Scale Test Car please consult the WM Color Guide, published by Morning Sun Books, Inc.

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