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HO Western Maryland Woodchip Hopper Decals

HO Western Maryland Woodchip Hopper Decals


This set was produced to fill a gap in WM decals which have never been done prior to this set.

The WM’s Woodchip Hopper cars were built by their Elkins, WV shops starting in 1962. The first class of these cars, H-19, were rebuilt from 15000-16499 series hopper cars by combing the upper section of one car with the refurbished body of another. In addition to the original H-19 class, two additional class, H-25 and H-30 were created in 1966 and 1969 respectively. These cars lasted in this service into the late-1980's. Photos have shown them predominately on the Thomas Subdivision of the Western Maryland, serving the paper mill in Luke, MD; although they have also been seen along the Hanover and York Subdivisions on their way to the paper mill in Spring Grove, PA as well.

These cars can be modeled by extending the sides of the Bowser/Stewart 55-ton U-channel and fishbelly 2-bay hopper cars.

This sheet includes enough data to decal one car in either the H-19, H-25 or H-30 class. including the yellow assignment data.

This product is licensed by CSX.

For references in regard to the WM's Woodchip Hopper Car fleet please consult the WM Color Guide, published by Morning Sun Books, Inc.

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